National Consultation on Disability Data Collection in Bhutan

26-28 October 2016, Paro

Conference Hall, Ministry of Health

ESCAP conducted a national consultation on disability data collection with the Government of Bhutan from 26 to 28 October 2016. The aim was to build the capacity of Bhutanese policymakers and statisticians in collecting reliable and comparable data on disability and to enhance their awareness of the Incheon Strategy's goals, targets and indicators. During the consultation, the ESCAP team met with a range of Government Ministries, United Nations specialized agencies and civil society representatives, including sixty senior officers, policy makers and statisticians from, among others, the Ministry of Health, the Gross National Happiness Commission and the National Statistics Bureau. As a result of the consultation, the Government of Bhutan will aim to review and coordinate its system on disability data collection in the formulation of its National Disability Policy. Additionally, based on the findings of the consultation, ESCAP will support the development of a draft national action plan.